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Whether we record in Dave’s kitchen, Ben’s front room, or Dave’s bedroom, one thing is for sure, we like talking at length about amateur football. Here are all of our podcasts thus far. You can also listen to all our podcasts on Google Podcasts or iTunes if you so wish.

Episode 9 – Bezos

There is still no football to talk about, so this time we focus on Belarus, sex dolls, dildos and trillionaires.

Episode 8 – We’ll See

There is no football to talk about, so we talk about the fact that there is no football. We won’t let Quarantine and Corona stand in our way of talking about nothing…yet also everything.

Episode 7 – Barbra Streisand

Dave, Andy, Westy and Ben talk about violence in amateur football, complete the Tebe story, discuss Lok Leipzig, The Iron Front, Freizeitliga, and of course, Hürtürkel.

Episode 6 – Ronny

Dave, Andy, Westy and Ben discuss BFC  Dynamo and the Sportforum, some top moments of the 2018/19 season, and MSV Normannia.

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Episode 5 – Investor

Dave, Andy and Ben record a ‘polcast’ and discuss terrible investors, focusing on TeBe, Berlin United and Novi Pazar.

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Episode 4 – Bribes and Bets

Dave, Andy and Ben talk about beatiful grounds, Viktoria Berlin and football as a product.

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Episode 3 – Nobody Cares About Your Sausage

Dave, Alex and Ben are joined by Andy West to talk about Freizeitliga, Grounhopping and discuss whether or not Berlin is a football city.

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Episode 2 – Math(s)

Dave, Alex and Ben return to talk about Gesellschaftsspiele, 50+1 and Tennis Borussia.

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Episode 1 – The Demo.

Dave, Alex and Ben try their hand at podcasting with discussions on BSV Hürtürkel, BFC Dynamo and Monday Night Football.

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