Not a match report – Fading like McFly

Weißenseer FC (2:3) BSV Al-Dersimspor

The last match I attended finished 12:2. It’s a hard act to follow, but then, that match never existed. I may have the photos and can prove it did happen, and there may have been three hat tricks in that match, but technically none of that ever happened. Like Marty McFly when his mother was trying to have sex with him, for many leagues the 2020/21 season has faded from existence.

But now football is back…for now. Whether the 4th through 15th wave will allow the coming season to be played to completion remains very much to be seen, but all we should be doing is getting back to supporting our local teams. 

So far this pre-season I’ve been unlucky. Two matches planned, two matches cancelled. This weekend I didn’t plan, but picked the closest match that wasn’t cancelled ten minutes before kick-off. This is how I wound up at Stadion Buschallee, one of my favourite places to watch football in Berlin.

I feel this is a decent time to note that the German language plays it fast and loose with the word ‘Stadion”. To be precise…

“large facility for sports competitions and exercises, especially in the form of a large, often oval sports field, provided with stands for the spectators”

often feels a lot closer to…”contains a dodgy pitch and a step spectators can stand on”.

This isn’t to say that the Stadion Buschallee isn’t wonderful, but even as one of the best ‘stadion’ in Berlin, it’s as close to a Stadion as Bloody Hell Magazine is to being an award winning and internationally recognised sports publication.

As ever there was a decent crowd for the match, mostly gathered around the quite beautiful main clubhouse (there is a secondary clubhouse which is far from beautiful). It was a wonderfully sunny day so everybody was enjoying the weather, and I was of course hiding in the shade by the side of the pitch as I am so pale, and burn with such ease, that I’m convinced I’m at least ⅕ vampire.

The match itself was great, though it could have been 0:0 with no shots on goal and it still would have been amazing. It was just nice to be pitchside again, and watching football I actually care about.

Landesliga side Weissenseer FC took on opponents in a league above them in Berlin Liga’s Al Dersimspor. Despite a couple of great goals, one of which came from Pablo’s new boots (they made this very clear in the goal celebration) they finished 2:3 down, but a good result against tough opposition.

Pablo and his new boots being congratulated for their very impressive equaliser

I’m looking forward to seeing more games like this during the coming season. But I’m just looking forward to seeing some non-league football and a season that doesn’t fade to nothing, like Marty McFly after his mum realises she’d rather have sex with someone who isn’t her son.

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