Our e-magazines are released quarterly and feature articles from the world of non-league football. In the magazine we look further afield than Berlin, and write about amateur football wherever in the world the story may be.
Regular features include ‘iHop’, in which groundhoppers share their visits of amateur football clubs across the globe, and ‘Non-league of Legends’, featuring stories of amateur footballers who have achieved greatness.
There are many more stories inside each issue, and here they all are for you to enjoy.
Issue 7 – Released 23.12.2020

Issue #7

Issue 6 – Released 02.08.2020

Issue 5 – Released 30.03.2020

Issue 4 – Released 08.09.2019

Issue 3 – Released 25.05.2019

Issue 2 – Released 03.02.2019

Issue 1 – Released 14.10.2018
Issue #1
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